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Chaptered Legislation

Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio has authored 18 measures which have been signed into law. These measures encompass a wide variety of important issues including: supporting victims of domestic violence, creating opportunities for children within the foster care system, ensuring our youngest students are given proper support to succeed in school, supporting our immigrant communities and keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals. See below for a full list of successful legislation authored by Assemblywoman Rubio

Resource Family Plan for Foster Youth (AB 507)

Elevates the importance of training while supporting resource families in a dynamic way. The goal is to empower resource families in the foster care system by redirecting current training requirements to most effectively benefit foster youth outcomes.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 705, Statutes of 2017

CalWORKs: Housing for Survivors of Abuse (AB 557)

Amends the Welfare and Institutions Code to increase support and options for domestic violence survivors who are trying to escape a violent environment by providing temporary housing assistance to applicants of CalWORKs.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 691, Statutes of 2017

Unlawful Interference at Public Agencies (AB 660)

Protects persons visiting any public agency from being exploited or harassed by illegitimate solicitors. This new crime will make it unlawful for any person to intentionally make a material misrepresentation of the law while on the premises of a public agency.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 381, Statutes of 2017

Prohibiting Preschool Expulsions (AB 752)

Adds a provision to the Education Code to create a process for addressing serious and challenging behavior exhibited by children enrolled in a California State Preschool Program.  The goal is to establish a process modeled after the US Department of Health and Human Services’ guidelines to prevent children from being unnecessarily expelled or unenrolled.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 708, Statutes of 2017

Bail: Supervised Pretrial Release Programs (AB 789)

Amends current Penal Code to allow judges the option to grant Own Recognizance (OR) release to felony arrestees with three or more Failure to Appears (FTA) without a hearing in open court if they are released into a court-approved pretrial release program. In exchange for doing so we would create a more efficient method for processing cases, increase the level of supervision for each case, and reduce the amount of jail overcrowding.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 554, Statutes of 2017

Spousal Support For Survivors of Domestic Violence (AB 929)

Amends Family Code Section 4320 to indicate that a presumption against awarding spousal support to an abuser should arise in numerous situations outside of just a conviction of Domestic Violence. These situations include when an abuser is found to have committed domestic violence in a Domestic Violence Restraining Order proceeding, when an abuser is found to have committed domestic violence in a divorce, annulment, or legal separation proceeding and when an abuser is found to have committed domestic violence in a juvenile court dependency proceeding, pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 300.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 938, Statutes of 2018

Inoperable Parking Meter Violations (AB 1625)

Protects consumers from receiving unjust parking violations at broken parking meters or kiosks in cities and counties. The bill prevents local authorities from enacting ordinances prohibiting or restricting the parking of vehicles in parking spaces regulated by inoperable parking meters/kiosks we place a focus on transparency for the tax payer and encourage government efficiency.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 352, Statutes of 2017

Limiting Frivolous Lawsuits in the Construction Industry (AB 1654)

Waives the California Private Attorneys General Act (Labor Code Sections 2698-2699.5), known as PAGA, within the Construction Industry for those employees and employers that are covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement. These agreements will protect construction workers and contractors alike by providing agreed to dispute resolution proceedings and avoiding costly lawsuits.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 529, Statutes of 2018

Externships for Cosmetology Students (AB 2134)

Authorizes students enrolled in public schools that provide approved State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology courses the ability to work as unpaid externs for cosmetology establishments participating in the school’s educational program. These externships will benefit students by providing training and mentorship by industry professionals and experts in the field for which they are training. The externship will make these students more desirable job candidates and thus increase their employability.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 387, Statutes of 2018

Temporary Emergency Gun Violence Restraining Orders (AB 2526)

Bolsters public safety by ensuring time-sensitive restraining orders are issued efficiently and effectively when there is immediate and present danger to the public, as well as families and their loved ones. The bill clarifies procedures for law enforcement and the courts to follow when issuing emergency temporary gun violence restraining orders.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 873, Statutes of 2018

Temporary Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (AB 2694)

In light of the heightened danger abuse victims face when attempting to separate from abusive partners, this bill would no longer allow counties to require domestic violence victims applying for a Temporary Restraining Order to notify the alleged perpetrator in advance. The bill also permits the court to allow an alternative method of service if at the time of the TRO hearing the court determines that, after diligent effort, a petitioner has been unable to accomplish personal service.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 219, Statutes of 2018

Mental Health Consultations for Preschool Students (AB 2698)

Enables children in the California State Preschool Program (CSPP), infants and toddlers in general child care and development programs, and children 0 to 5 years of age served in family child care home networks to benefit from early childhood mental health consultation. The bill will authorize providers to utilize subsidized child care funds to provide these valuable services which can improve outcomes for children and help prevent expulsions.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 946, Statutes of 2018

Lactation Accommodations for College Age Students (AB 2785)

Requires that California Community Colleges (CCC) and the California State University (CSU), and recommends the University of California (UC), provide reasonable lactation accommodations to their students, including access to a private and secure room on campus and adequate time to nurse an infant or express milk.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 947, Statutes of 2018

Commercial Property Tenancy (AB 2847)

Separates commercial and residential sections in the Civil Code where it does not make sense to have them together. These provisions will simplify and streamline tenancy transactions in the commercial real estate market.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 104, Statutes of 2018

Online Training for Nurse Assistants (AB 2850)

Permits skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities, or educational institutions to conduct the 60 classroom hours of training for certified nurse assistants (CNAs) required under existing law to be offered in an online or distance learning course format. The bill would also permit a person who provides instruction or training, as part of a CNA precertification training program, to be any licensed or registered nurse employed at a facility that primarily provides care for older adults.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 769, Statutes of 2018

Restrictions on Cannabis Advertisements (AB 2899)

Prohibits a licensee from publishing or disseminating advertising or marketing while the licensee’s license is suspended. This bill will help businesses who have properly gone through the licensing process by cracking down on entities with suspended licenses who attempt to advertise their product. By prohibiting a licensee from publishing or disseminating advertising or marketing while the licensee's license is suspended, California can further combat the cannabis black market to ensure that only properly licensed businesses are participating in the market.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 923, Statutes of 2018

Firearm Prohibition for Domestic Violence Abusers (AB 3129)

Amends Penal Code 29805 to impose a lifetime firearm restriction for anyone convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense. Studies show that past violent criminal behavior is a predictor of subsequent acts of violence. In fact, research has found that Californians with a prior conviction for a violent misdemeanor are 9 times as likely to commit subsequent violent crimes and also 9 times as likely to commit subsequent firearm offences. AB 3129 will better protect victims of domestic violence by imposing a lifetime firearm prohibition on offenders under California law, thereby enabling better enforcement of the federal ban. Additionally, a state lifetime prohibition would protect California from any weakening of the federal firearm prohibition.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 883, Statutes of 2018

Outdoor Advertising Displays (AB 3168)

Updates provisions of the landscaped freeway portion of the Outdoor Advertising Act.  This bill will add objective criteria to the determination of what is a “landscaped freeway” and will allow for the relocation of existing landscaped signs in communities that want them, without adding to the presently existing number of displays along landscaped freeways.
Chaptered by Secretary of State
Chapter 926, Statutes of 2018